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Email marketing

Email marketing

If you do not know how to maximize e-commerce sales with email marketing tools, you will miss a lot of customers and profits, as email marketing is a powerful tool in the e-commerce business.

So, whether you are an e-commerce startup or an old business owner, how can email marketing tools maximize your e-commerce sales?

Email marketing helps brand owners reach their customers directly to promote products or services by building a loyal customer base.

If you are an e-commerce startup or small business owner who worries about investing in email marketing tools, we will tell you some good news.

There are free email marketing tools that help you with promotions and e-commerce sales without any financial burden.

You only need to start your email marketing plan to enhance your online store performance and maximize sales.

So, let’s explore the top highly recommended free email marketing tools for e-commerce businesses.

What are the top email marketing tools?

There are various free email marketing tools that have powerful features like designing attractive emails and tracking campaign performance.

 Here are the top free email marketing tools that are ideal for e-commerce:


We can consider Mailchimp, one of the best-known email marketing tools, as it offers free plans for e-commerce startups and small businesses.

You can face limitations with Freeplan; however, it is a perfect choice for those who start email marketing.

You can create potent email campaigns through the drag-and-drop email builder and start your campaign plan while segmenting your mailing list and tracking performance.


You will notice that Omnnisend is designed specifically for e-commerce businesses.

The Omnisend free plan allows you to send around 15,000 emails per month, including sign-up forms and automation features.

Moreover, Omnisend is considered a valuable tool that helps maximize e-commerce sales and customer engagement thanks to its ability to create automated workflows for e-commerce stores.


One of the best marketing tools is Moosend, thanks to its free plan with a wide range of active features.

You can send unlimited emails and reach up to a thousand subscribers. The Moosend tool offers you marketing automation, a drag-and-drop email editor, and analytics.

So, we can say that Mooosend is an ideal tool for e-commerce businesses and personalized email campaigns.


You can notice how SendinBlue is a fantastic choice for e-commerce business owners looking for a free email marketing tool, as it offers a potent plan to help you send up to 300 emails per day.

Furthermore, SendinBlue offers you marketing automation, a user-friendly email builder, and reports with details.

So, SendinBlue is a perfect choice for business owners looking to expand their business, especially as it comes with SMS marketing features.


Benchmark marketing tool provides a free plan, including various features like email templates, automation, and consistent reports.

The free plan guarantees the availability to send up to 14000 emails per month and 2000 subscribers.

Benchmark offers responsive email templates, making it perfect for e-commerce owners who want their emails to look fantastic on any device.


It is incredible how MailerLite is a popular email marketing tool due to its simplicity and user-friendly system.

The MailerLite free plan provides up to 1,000 subscribers and allows you to send up to 12,000 emails per month.

Furthermore, MailerLite offers fantastic email templates, an easy editor, and automation tools. So, it is an ideal choice for e-commerce businesses aiming to create visually attractive emails.


While ConverKit is well-known for its paid plan, it offers a free forever plan, allowing you up to 1,000 subscribers and unlimited free features.

So, ConvertKit is a valuable email marketing tool for small e-commerce business owners who want to send targeted emails and segment their audience.

As we know, SendPulse is a free email marketing tool that offers unique email campaigns that allow you to send web push notifications and SMS messages.

Simultaneously, the free plan allows you to send 15,000 emails per month, and to have up to 500 subscribers.

So, we can consider SendPulse a versatile marketing tool for e-commerce; it offers drag-and-drop builder and automation features.

Email marketing is a highly effective marketing strategy for e-commerce businesses, as it helps you connect with customers and drive sales.

Simultaneously, small business and brand owners with low-cost packages can find fantastic email templates, marketing automation, and detailed reports at free marketing tools that fit their needs.

Finally, you can start with free email marketing tools to help you build and maintain potent relationships with customers, which leads to maximizing sales.

Start exploring and taking your email marketing to a high-efficiency level.

Remember to upgrade to paid email marketing plans as your e-commerce business grows.

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Check out be4 e-commerce marketing services to maximize your sales and customer growth through our professional marketing team.

Contact us to get the ideal digital marketing services for your e-commerce. We can always support you.

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